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Traditions: Ikebana

Here we have another addition to a personal project. This time around I met with a woman who practices and teaches Japanese flower arrangement, or ikebana (生け花) as it is known in Japanese.

The location for this set of photos was an old house located on the quiet back streets of an older area of Tokyo. It was a fairly small home situated in the kind of area...

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Pacific Portraits: Surfers

On a recent afternoon I decided that I wanted to photograph some surfers out on the coast. I'm not sure what prompted it, but that's what I felt like doing and that's what I set out to do.

It didn't take very long to find a few surfers. As it turns out, some long time acquaintances of my wife are regulars to the waves of Chiba Prefecture's Pacific coast...

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Traditions: Tatami Maker

A quintessential element of Japan, at least for me, is tatami. It's difficult for me to form in my mind a basic concept of Japan without also visualizing Japanese structures, new and old, that are filled with these simple woven straw mats. 

For the next installment to my series on Japanese traditions, I created a few portraits of a gentleman whose profession it is to construct this traditional floor covering...

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Portraits in Tokyo: Shinji Yoshiyama

Last month, I traveled into Tokyo to do a portrait shoot with a young aspiring actor named Shinji Yoshiyama. We were basically shooting for the purpose of creating a new set of photos that could be added to our respective portfolios.

We began our day and the shoot inside the architectural marvel that is the Tokyo International Forum. Located in the Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo...

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Layover Fashion

I was recently out with friends in the city of Katori in Chiba Prefecture entertaining a visitor to Japan. Our visitor, Joshua Alexander, was in the country on layover as he made his way back to the States from Korea.

We spent an afternoon wandering around the historic areas of Sawara, a national preservation district in Katori that still retains a good portion of its traditional Japanese design...

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Traditions: Buddhist Monk

Buddhism, while not a cultural aspect native to Japan, has a very long history in the country and very deep roots in Japan's culture. So naturally, the purveyors of Buddhism, Buddhist monks, fit well with my current and ongoing project to photograph people who are involved in or connected to the traditions of Japan.

Earlier in the year, I traveled down to the southern end of Chiba Prefecture to photograph a monk who is in charge of a small temple in that area.

We began our day of shooting in a small grove of trees that I had spotted during a previous visit to the area. It had been instantly clear to me when I first saw the location that there were interesting compositions and photos to be found within...

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Traditions: Tea Ceremony

Earlier in the year, in continuing with an ongoing series of portraits focused on the traditions and crafts of Japan, I spent a day with a few women who practice the art of Japanese tea ceremony and worked with them to create various photographs. I shared a few details on this in a previous post.

With the exception of a small number of outdoor shots, I took the majority of the photos for this shoot inside of a typical, mostly bare traditional Japanese room. As it was a room that is solely used for tea ceremony, it naturally made for a perfect place to do some simple tea ceremony photographs...

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Traditions: Kendo

In recent months, I have been putting a fair amount of my time and efforts into a personal project in which I'm photographing people involved in some of the traditional arts and cultural trades of Japan. With several of these shoots already completed, and several more in the planning stages, I'm well along my way into creating a new collection of work.

One of the more recent shoots that I've finished was for a practitioner of kendo...

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