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The most important function of any headshot has little to do with showing your appearance—it is instead much more about communicating to your audience the qualities you possess as a person, a prospective employee or client, an actor/model, or a purveyor of business. As such, when seeking headshots you need someone who does more than simply take your picture—you need a headshot specialist who can coach and direct you toward an image that communicates your individual personality in a manner that is confident, trustworthy, and approachable.




The standard headshot session is a service designed to provide the direction and guidance essential in creating a headshot that communicates your visual message in a confident and approachable manner.

In beginning any session, we first go over all of the attire you've brought with you and figure out which items will best portray you in your headshots. This is an important step, as what looks and feels great on you in person, may be a complete distraction in your headshot. (Read here to learn more about what to bring with you and how to be prepared for your session.)

After the clothing is sorted out, we’ll move into the actual shooting. The only thing you need to understand about this part is that it's a building process. We’ll get you to where you need to be in a step by step fashion. There are no expectations of you jumping in front of the camera and being an instant paragon of confidence and approachability.

We can only improve ourselves through feedback, so an essential part of every session is the time we take to review images and figure out what works best for you and what doesn’t. This allows us to adjust as we go, keeping only the good shots and quickly deleting everything that simply doesn't work. It also provides you the opportunity (as well as responsibility) to let me know if there is anything you personally feel we missed or could be improved upon. This way, if there are any issues, we can be certain they are addressed and corrected in the course of the session.

Immediately following the shoot, we’ll do a last review of all your top images and make some final selections. The images selected will later receive a minor amount of retouching (skin and color corrections, stray hairs, etc.) to achieve a clean, yet natural and authentic look. In less than a week's time, you will be provided a link to download the chosen images.

My standard headshot session process is not about speed. It is dedicated wholly toward crafting images that express the best of you. While the amount of time this takes to achieve for each person varies, you can expect a session to average anywhere between one and two hours for completion.

Please note that all standard sessions are done on-location. This means each shoot requires setting up a mobile studio (which includes a backdrop, stands, lights, etc.) in your home, office, or nearly any other location that has the adequate space. If you don't believe you have enough space available to you, it's not a problem; however you're going to have to let me know ahead of time so that I can arrange a separate location.

It is also important to note that I regularly shoot images in a horizontal format and crop into the top of the head. If you require vertical images or images that are not cropped, please let me know prior to the start of your session.


The mini headshot session is designed to be a quick, economical, single-image solution. Each session runs similarly to the standard session, but only in a more condensed manner. Sessions are generally 35 minutes or less in length, include one look, and one retouched digital image. With these sessions however there isn’t time to try different outfits, change backgrounds, or adjust makeup to see which will best benefit your headshot. If you feel you are the type of person who may need more time to get comfortable in front of the camera or if you want to try multiple looks to see what works best for your headshot, I recommend you consider a standard headshot session. (Read here to learn more about preparing for a mini session.)

Mini sessions are generally held on a single date each month at a predetermined location in Tokyo. This means that the number of mini sessions available for any given month is limited. A reservation and deposit are necessary to hold a session time.

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"A deeply inspiring and instructive experience. Anthony demonstrated exceptional skill in what’s important in setting up and mastering the pose, and then brought out my best with a snap. I cannot recommend a headshot photographer more highly."


Tokyo - Headshot - Photographer Anthony Wood ©2018.jpg

"Anthony and his assistant were absolutely terrific and helped me with my first professional headshots. I am a Finance executive and I was looking for work photos that would highlight my friendly personality but not clash with my traditional environment. Anthony was highly responsive prior to the day of the shoot, arrived on time on the day of the photos, worked each shot with me one-by-one collaboratively, and provided really friendly and positive coaching through the entire session to help me get the best pictures of me. I had a different objective for each of my three photos (professional, relaxed, and in-between) and he captured each one so well that I am thoroughly pleased with the results. Anthony was friendly, prompt, and professional throughout, and it showed in the final photos. I strongly recommend his service to anyone looking for professional quality headshots."


Tokyo - Headshot - Photographer Anthony Wood ©2017

"Anthony and his assistant were very professional and made the whole process very easy and comfortable. They arrived on time and set up at my place, and I was able to see the shots as we progressed through the session.

They were good at educating me about poses and the best angles, and very patient in getting the right light and the perfect pose/angle. They were patient with giving me the chance to try different styles and outfits in order to get several headshots to use for different purposes (work, personal, etc). The best part was being able to see the photos on the computer as the session progressed, so we could see what worked and what didn’t.

I was very happy with the images that came out of it and would certainly recommend them and use them again if I need any more headshots in the future. The end result is very professional and of much higher quality than a generic head-shot. Five stars!!"


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"I was looking for a photographer who has the sensitivity and skills to deliver headshot photos that are unique and subtle to capture a very specific image of myself, and Anthony knows exactly how. He is professional and patient, willing to think from your perspective and offers very helpful instruction on posing techniques. The result is outstanding and I would recommend him to anyone who needs top-notch images done."


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“I could tell right away that Anthony is passionate about his craft and committed to excellence. From the nuances of poses to his patience allowing me to explore different looks….he cared not only about quality output but that I was happy with the outcome as well. He is definitely in the right profession. It’s gratifying seeing someone so at ‘one’ with their work.”





The standard headshot session price is ¥38,000, includes up to 90 minutes of shooting time, and 3 fully retouched digital images (jpeg, digitally delivered, high resolution + web resolution). The price also includes travel for on-location sessions within the 23 special wards of Tokyo. (If you are outside of this area, please get in touch for a travel quote to your area). If you are in need of more than 3 retouched images, you can purchase additional images for the discounted standard session rate of ¥3,000 each. Also, if we get to the end of the session and you feel that you could use more time to get more shots or looks, you may add an additional hour of time for ¥5,000. A non-refundable ¥18,000 deposit is required to reserve your session. (Why the deposit?) Full payment is due prior to the end of your session.


(For those of you who skipped right down to the pricing, be sure to scroll up and read the section on how mini sessions work.)

The mini headshot session price is ¥18,000, includes up to 45 minutes of session time, and 1 retouched digital image (jpeg, digitally delivered, high resolution + web resolution). If you would like more than a single retouched image from your session, you can purchase additional images for ¥5,000 each. A non-refundable ¥5,000 deposit is required to reserve a time slot for your session. (Why the deposit?) The rest of your payment is due prior to the end of your session.



The truth of the matter is your headshots, regardless of how well done, aren't going to last you forever. They're eventually going to need to be updated. The good news is that if you have done a headshot session with me once before, then you will be able to take advantage of my returning client discount. All returning headshot clients can receive ¥8,000 off the standard headshot session and ¥3,000 off the mini session.



None of us can get very far without the help and support of others. This is as true in business as it is in life. The success of my business depends largely on the support of satisfied clients and word of mouth referrals. This is why I believe it is important to show my appreciation and reward past and current clients by giving a little something back through my Client Referral Program.


Get in touch to schedule your session or ask any questions.