Anthony Wood | Tokyo Headshot and Portrait Photographer


About Anthony Wood | American Headshot and Portrait Photographer based in Tokyo, Japan


Anthony Wood

Tokyo Photographer

Originally from the American Midwest, Anthony is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan, where he specializes in headshot and portrait photography.

When he is not writing about himself in the third person, he is persistently striving to create compelling and unique portraiture for his clients. This includes a keen focus on crafting headshots for people who recognize the importance their image has in forming vital first impressions of confidence, trustworthiness, and accessibility.

Anthony understands photography as a profession is a combination of art, technical expertise, and service. This is why he is always seeking to deliver worthwhile images through the continued exploration of art and a determined pursuit of his craft. It is also why he works for as long as it takes to make both himself and his clients pleased at the outcome of each and every shoot.

Anthony can commonly be found working and shooting somewhere between Tokyo and the Pacific coast of Chiba Prefecture; however, as with all of those who are locked in a permanent state of wanderlust, he is always willing to travel to outlying and farther flung areas.

Anthony currently resides in the slower-paced and quieter rural Japanese countryside with his wife and young sons.

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