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Coming of Age in Tokyo

It's been a little while since I've managed to sit down and write another blog post. This past season has certainly been on the busier side of things. I've spent a considerable amount of time on the road driving to various corners of Japan to shoot traditional craft makers and then working through the large amount of post-processing work that came with it. I've added several images from these shoots to a new portfolio...

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Portraits in Tokyo: Shinji Yoshiyama

Last month, I traveled into Tokyo to do a portrait shoot with a young aspiring actor named Shinji Yoshiyama. We were basically shooting for the purpose of creating a new set of photos that could be added to our respective portfolios.

We began our day and the shoot inside the architectural marvel that is the Tokyo International Forum. Located in the Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo...

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Wandering Senso-ji

I regularly make the time for outings where I may simply go out and casually shoot as I please. It's time that I use to practice and make deliberate attempts at refining my photographic sense and further expanding my abilities. These outings are one means for me to think on my feet, play with various situations and camera settings, as well as experiment with different ideas; all things that assist me in creating and delivering better quality work when it counts.

On a recent weekend, I was out on one of these little outings...

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