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Preparing For Your Headshot Session

Session Preparation Information for Headshot Photography by Anthony Wood | American Headshot and Portrait Photographer based in Tokyo, Japan

HEADSHOTS  |  Preparing For Your Session

There are numerous areas that need to be considered when preparing for your session. Key among them is getting a full night of sleep and drinking enough water the evening prior to your shoot. Doing this will not only help you (and your skin) to look better, it will also help you feel better.

Being prepared will contribute in no small part to how your final images turn out, so below are a few other important areas you’ll want to keep in mind:


It's always best to have options for your clothing, so I ask that you have a selection of simple tops (shirts/blouses) with varying neck lines (v-neck, collared, no collar, etc.) available for your session. I also recommend having at least one lighter-colored top and one darker top with you. Avoid anything overly textured or patterned, as well as anything with logos, images, or any kind of writing. It's all a distraction that pulls attention away from the real focus of your images—you and your expression. If you're on the fence about whether an item of clothing will work for your headshot, just bring it with you, and we'll sort it out during the session. Also, be certain you only bring clothing you feel completely comfortable wearing. If you're not comfortable in your clothes, it will show in your images.

Men, if you wear a suit make certain that both your shirt and jacket fit properly. Your shirt should fit comfortably, but there should also be no gaps between the collar and your neck when buttoned, nor should there be a gap between your shirt collar and your jacket collar. Your jacket should fit snugly against your shoulders and any padding should not extend beyond the end of your shoulders. An ill-fitting shirt and/or jacket will do your image no favors.


For those of you who wear eyeglasses, bring more than one pair in differing styles if possible. This will allow for more shooting options. In the case of jewelry such as necklaces and earrings, less is more. A simple pair of stud earrings can be fine, but anything larger or more colorful tends to become an unnecessary distraction in your images.


Women, keep your makeup light and simple. It's best to start with a natural look and avoid anything heavy or excessive. If you would like to have an extra look, we'll carve out a section of time part way through the session where you can add or make adjustments to your makeup. Also, please keep in mind to avoid any products that create a heavy sheen on your skin. In front of studio lights, these kinds of products are going to create distracting highlights on your face.

Men, you really don't need any makeup. If you have a skin condition you are concerned about, let me know and we'll see if it is something that can be better handled by some simple retouching. However, do consider using some lip balm prior to your session; dry and cracked lips won’t help your image.

As for your hair, it is entirely up to you. I will say however that it's best to wear it as you normally would and have it in a 'good hair day' condition. Bring with you whatever products/items you need to keep it that way.

Men, if you would like to start the session with a bit of stubble and shave it off part way through for a different look, we can certainly do that. Be sure however to bring whatever products/items you need to take care of it.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.