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Tea Time

A little over a year ago I began a project to photograph some of the traditional aspects of Japan. I kicked the whole thing off with Japanese tea ceremony and a few photographs of women who practice the craft.

In the last year, I have come to be well acquainted with these women as well as a larger group of people who practice tea ceremony. In addition to referrals, more work...

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Traditions: Tea Ceremony

Earlier in the year, in continuing with an ongoing series of portraits focused on the traditions and crafts of Japan, I spent a day with a few women who practice the art of Japanese tea ceremony and worked with them to create various photographs. I shared a few details on this in a previous post.

With the exception of a small number of outdoor shots, I took the majority of the photos for this shoot inside of a typical, mostly bare traditional Japanese room. As it was a room that is solely used for tea ceremony, it naturally made for a perfect place to do some simple tea ceremony photographs...

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The Way of Tea

Currently, I'm working on several personal projects with the very deliberate purpose of creating some entirely new portfolios. One of these projects is to photograph people who are either involved in or are practitioners of traditional Japanese arts, crafts, or activities. For me, this includes any number of things from kendo practitioners and taiko drummers, to sushi masters and Shinto priests.

The most recent of these traditional crafts that I'm working on and have only just finished photographing is Japanese tea ceremony...

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